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The Africa Samarpan foundation promote the teaching of the Samarpan technique, which is an 800-year-old technique founded in the Himalayan Mountains that offers a simple way to connect to nature.

We are a registered Non-Profit Organisation and Public Benefit Organisation. All our programs are carried out free of cost by volunteers at their personal expense.

Our journey in uplifting the community of South Africa began in 2009 and has spread to the community at large since. We offer meditations workshops to the general public, mindfulness coaching to corporates and concentration classes to schools.

We have been very successful in helping schools, senior citizens and the general public since our inception.

In this technique, a human being, regardless of his race, religion, language, country or gender can connect to nature’s energy within the body. When Nature’s energy within our body, known as the soul, becomes stronger all the problems of our life, such as stress, depression, anxiety, sleeping disorders, failure, substance abuse and guilt start reducing on their own.

This technique is also practiced worldwide by people from different faiths and religions.

 The uniqueness of this technique is that there are no restrictions. You can still practice this technique despite your eating habits and lifestyle. Whether consumption of non-vegetarian foods or alcohol is part of your life style or not. You do not need to give up anything in your life, nor do you need to stop your thoughts. There are no rituals, initiations or religious connotations involved.

 All that is required is for you is to sit down for 30 minutes a day as a hobby to unwind from your life. All your mental stress and tension will reduce through nature.


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Email: info@samarpansa.org


For event enquiries write us at samarpansa.events@gmail.com

Website: www.samarpansa.org

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